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Edmonton Pub Crawls FAQ's


Edmonton Pub Crawls strongly encourages responsible drinking, if you have had anything to drink please do the right thing, take a cab.

Do I need ID?
Yes whether you're turning 18 or are over 40, you need your ID! ID must be government issued picture ID. No ID = No Admission

How long do we stay at each bar?
We stay at our starting location for around 2 hours to get everyone checked in and do some icebreakers to get everyone acquainted. We will spend at least one hour at all other stops.

A lot of my friends are coming on this crawl; will we all be on the same bus?
Each bus can hold up to 50 people. As long as you all purchased tickets for the same route, you will all be on the same group of busses.

Can I still pay for my crawl if I am out of town?
Absolutely. Give us a call at 780-702-7295 to make payment arrangements.

Do I have to read the waiver on the back of my ticket?
Yes, please read the waiver on the back of your ticket. It is important that you are aware of this information. Though we do our best to keep the night safe, accidents can happen. Please exercise caution when getting on and off the bus.

Can I go out the back door of the bus?
NO! Unless instructed by the bus captain you may not go out the back door. It is very dangerous to do this unassisted and under the influence of alcohol. Anyone seen jumping out the back door will be kicked off the bus.

Will there be drink specials at each club?
Drink specials will vary depending on the locations your pub crawl visits.

Will I know what the next bar/clubs on my route will be?
Some of our events do have mystery stops; this is the only time you will not know the stops on your crawl. All stops are listed on your tickets, and online in the event description.

Can I stay at the second or third stop, and not go to the last stop on my route?
Yes, however if you do plan on staying at a certain location please ensure that you inform your bus captain.

Should I tip my bus driver?
Yes, PLEASE TIP YOUR DRIVERS. They have worked very hard the whole night to make sure that you have arrived safely and on time at each club. Without them we would not be able to have any club crawls.

How will the security and staff personnel know I am on the crawl?
Our wristbands are one of a kind. Edmonton Pub Crawl staff and venue staff will know you are on the crawl if you keep your wristband visible.

Will a bus be coming by to pick me and my friends up?
All pub crawls can be customized for an extra charge.

How long can I stay at the last club?
You can stay as long as you want until closing.

Can I leave my belongings on the bus?
Anything left on the bus is at your own risk.

Can I bring alcohol on the bus?
No, it's against the law. Anyone found with alcohol on the bus will have it confiscated and will be kicked off the crawl.

Can I smoke on the bus?
Due to bi-laws drinking and smoking on the bus is prohibited.

What clubs do we go to?
Venues are listed in the event description. If you are looking for our general stops click here for a listing.

At the end of the pub crawl, does the bus take us back to the starting location?
No, once you arrive at the last stop you are on your own. Please take a cab or transit. It would not be advisable for us to transport you back to your car after the club crawl; however, custom crawls do offer a pick up and drop off option for a small fee.

Do I have to arrive at my starting point at the scheduled start time on my ticket?
Yes, you MUST arrive on time. If you cannot make it on time please contact our office and we will make try to accommodate you at the second stop. Ph: 780-702-7295 Email: jimmy@edmontonpubcrawls.com

How will I know what bus to get on?
Our bus captains will let you know which bus to get on at your starting location. If there are multiple buses please go back to the bus you originally boarded.

Can I choose what clubs I go to?
When you choose our custom crawl package you may choose your stops. click here to see our participating stops.

What club will we end up at?
Stops will vary from event to event but the first and last stops are always listed on your ticket. If you do not have a ticket, route information is listed on our website.

Are tickets available at the door?
Though tickets are sometimes available at the door we highly recommend you pre-purchase your tickets. Click here to get yours.

I am working after check in starts. Can I still come on the crawl?
Yes, buy your ticket, call us at 780-702-7295 and we will give you the contact information of our staff member in charge of the crawl. Simply call them when you arrive show your ticket and receive your wristband.
NOTE: By arriving late you may miss out on prizes and party favours
given out at the first bar.

Can I win tickets to your events?
From time to time our radio sponsors, and participating venues will give away event tickets.

Where is your lost and found?
If you have lost any items please contact our office and we will do our best to help you find any lost items.
Ph: 780-702-7295
Email: jimmy@edmontonpubcrawls.com